Software Development

Software development that produces synergy

We have accumulated software development knowledge and technology, centered on the development of embedded control systems.
From embedded software, application development to verification and evaluation, all areas of technology are connected, increasing the synergy effect.

  • Embedded software

    Controls the core of all manner of products

    USE’s micro-controllers are embedded in familiar products including audio visual devices, automobiles, and motorcycles.

    For example, compact true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds have an IC chip containing the charging and converter circuits embedded in the body and are controlled by a control system. Also, mobility tools such as automobiles and motorcycles have many micro-controllers embedded that allow complex operations to be performed with ease, and a communications control system that ensures accuracy and safety is essential.

    USE provides software development technology centered on sophisticated embedded control systems that will be increasingly sought after by our future society, with the aim of improving the performance of the latest products that are being developed at a rapid pace.

  • Applications

    Application development linked with embedded control

    When a user uses a device, the operability of the device depends on the UI (User Interface) of the application. Since micro-controllers embedded in a product operate using proprietary embedded software, UI development, which directly affects the feel of the device when used, requires a perspective that is different from what is needed for general application development.

    Due to the necessity to control micro-controllers that are embedded in products, USE seeks to identify and clearly understand what the essence of the product is. For that reason, during application development, USE is able to accurately grasp the feel and operation that users are looking for and produce the optimal operating performance. Our strength is that we develop products at all levels, from embedded control systems to applications.

  • Verification and evaluation

    Building know-how with new market development in mind

    USE has accumulated proprietary know-how also in the area of embedded software verification and evaluation.

    It is essential to implement the embedded system on the actual product and verify whether it operates normally. In addition to normal operation, there is also an increasing number of functions to ensure user safety such as recovery when an error occurs, and the scope/items under system control are increasing.

    Similarly to software development technology, there is renewed awareness of specialty in verification technology such as test methods and quality management methods, and we believe that the market needs for verification technology are expanding.

    We aim to continue refining our technology through verification of embedded control systems developed by us and to improve the quality of products we are involved in developing.