Quality Assurance

Peace of mind and trust after product development, completion and delivery

USE has established a check system for our unique quality management in the product development process.
In addition, we actively obtain objective evidence to ensure technical capability for software development.
From product development and even after product completion, we give our clients peace of mind in the form of quality assurance and maintenance.

  • Gate review

    At USE, we established a gate review called a “stage event” at each stage of development, whereby the approval by internal review is required to proceed to the next stage. The software quality is reviewed objectively, to guarantee the software quality as an organization.

  • CMMI/Automotive SPICE initiative

    Through our software development process improvement activities since 2006, we have established a development review board and process management. In addition, we have consistently advanced our development process improvement activities, attaining CMMI Level 2 in 2010, and CMMI Level 3 in 2012. In our on-board device development work and in-vehicle device verification work, we attained Level 3 for Automotive SPICE, an in-vehicle software development standard, in 2014. With our proven high development capability, high software quality is achieved using our sophisticated in-vehicle software development technology. Furthermore, by expanding our standard process established for in-vehicle software development to consumer device and application development, we will take our software development capabilities to an even higher level.

    certification acquisition information

    Acquisition level
    Level 3
    Date of acquisition
    September 7, 2012
    Date of update
    September 9, 2022
    Mr. Shinkai of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

    A-SPICE certification
    acquisition information

    USE Inc.
    Applicable projects
    In-vehicle device development work, in-vehicle device verification work
    Acquisition level
    Level 3
    Date of update
    March 28, 2014
    Mr. Komiyama of NEC Corporation