Product Development

Our own product development that builds on micro-controllers

Micro-controller technology is a core technology with a wide range of applications in manufacturing in an evolving ICT society. USE is aiming to develop own-brand products leveraging the technological capabilities accumulated to date.

  • Tapping into new markets

    Core technologies required for an ICT society

    We are in an era in which products in all areas of daily life have become wireless and are connected to a network. Many micro-controllers built into products such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, Audio/Visual devices, and home appliances are used to control the products smoothly through UI (User Interface) such as touch screens, cameras, and microphones, to satisfy the user needs.

    From the CPU, which is the core, to the UI, there are various embedded control systems. USE has been manufacturing modules for products such as cameras, GPS, DSP, AMP, and Bluetooth according to the respective roles that are required, while at the same time, developing software that controls those modules. We take pride in having been able to accumulate the most accurate and efficient technology for systems that control the components of those modules thanks to our involvement in the planning and production of such modules.

    Micro-controllers and control systems will be the core for manufacturing in an ICT society. The reason why USE can develop its business in a wide range of areas is because USE has acquired the very core technology.

  • New product development that is expanded by micro-controller technology

    Since our founding, USE has worked with major manufacturers and supported the birth of many successful products. Because we are still involved with the development of popular products at present, we are unable to compete in the same field as those manufacturers. However, the core technology for manufacturing that we have accumulated to date has unlimited possibilities.

    While future technology might shift from IoT to IoE and IoA, the micro-controllers and control systems that control hardware are essential technology for all manner of products.

    Wireless control using Bluetooth is likely demanded for new devices used in a wide range of fields, such as entertainment, medical, fitness, and product inspections. There is a limitless range of ideas for products applying our micro-controller technology, such as acquiring location information using GPS, and transmitting/storing video and audio.

    We are preparing to make new products under our own USE brand, using the technology we have cultivated to date, to enrich and bring convenience to people’s lives.