Mission, Vision, Values

Our starting point and the guide for company activities

The mission, vision and values are our starting point, and guide us in all company activities.
We take pride in our embedded design technology, contributing to society with manufacturing incorporating leading-edge technology, and declare the intent to be a company entity that each and every one of our employees is proud of.

  • Mission

    Always an embedded design company
    ~As long as micro-controllers exist on this earth~

    Contributing to society through software and manufacturing with new technologies

  • Vision What we aim to be

    To evolve into a manufacturing company that leverages the strengths of embedded design

    To nurture a group of professionals who strives to explore the underlying technologies and take the initiative to act

    To provide an environment that supports taking on challenges and values effort

  • Value Code of conduct

    Consider new things to be an opportunity

    Proactively share ideas and respect each other

    Be hungry for your own growth

    Accumulate results and make them into assets

    Be a company that all employees are proud of