Product Business

One-stop provider, from chassis design to micro-controllers

We boast strong connections with EMS (electronics manufacturing services) and device vendors in mainland China and Hong Kong, and are standing by to make meticulous arrangements to meet our clients’ needs. We support optimal, one-stop ODM by taking full advantage of the benefit that can be realized only by having a subsidiary in China.

  • ODM business

    Provision of world-leading ODM development

    Amid the changes to the structure of society due to the accelerating growth of ICT, fast development speed is strongly demanded of the market.

    We at USE have been involved in the development of advanced embedded control systems that match the varied and delicate needs of the Japanese market, through ODM development of Audio/Video devices and on-vehicle products.

    At the same time, we have collaborated with EMS in mainland China and Hong Kong since 2009 whose quality is highly regarded in the global market. Our network with advanced Chinese technology has expanded to device vendors, making it possible to mass produce modules with stable quality even faster.

    Our advantage lies in our ability to coordinate overall ODM development from hardware to software, through trusted connections we established as an equal partner with manufacturers that produce world-leading quality products.

  • Device sales

    Solutions generated by embedded control systems

    USE develops modules according to market needs, and offers optimum solutions in combination with embedded control systems.

    We have a development track record in product categories including cameras, sensors, GPS, DSP, AMP, and Bluetooth. By forming alliances with EMS in mainland China and Hong Kong that have a wide range of technologies, we are competitive with the newest solutions vendors.