Message from the Representatives

  • We have been in the embedded micro-controller business for 30 years.
    With our software development, ODM business, device business, and in 2019 with our finished product development business, we have changed with the times.

    Our three keywords are:
    Ideal, Creativity, and Quality
    Moving forwards, I believe that the world will change, the markets will also change, and even the products will change.
    We value our ideal of “how we want to become,” an impetus for everything, in pursuit of the ideal and beautiful software that users feel pleasant about. We then pursue the ideal, materializing products full of creativity, with-out of-the-box thinking, for beautiful sound and images that enrich our heart.

    From 2022, we promise to seek to change and bring further innovation.
    “Five types of innovation” (Joseph Schumpeter)
    - Product innovation (the creation of new products)
    - Process innovation (the introduction of new production methods)
    - Market innovation (opening new markets / finding new consumers)
    - Supply chain innovation (acquiring new sources of supply)
    - Organizational innovation (realizing a new organization)
    Our mission is to build further trust with our stakeholders, realize open innovation, create new values, open new markets, create opportunities, provide opportunities to our employees, and share successes. With the phrase “Strength comes from speed” close to our hearts, we are ready to promote the “five types of innovations,” placing importance on speed.

    We also consider it necessary to have awareness of taking into account the environment and society.
    We will work towards carbon neutrality, contributing to the bicycling business, conducting research concerning natural energy, and working on IoT technology research and social infrastructure from an environmental perspective.

    As a technology company, we intend to work wholeheartedly on nurturing engineers through succession of technologies, developing talent, and nurturing an acute eye for products, and cultivating an ability to assess quality.
    We will also pour our efforts into developing human resources, placing importance on Integrity and Diversity.
    We value fun, warmth and having no regrets.
    We aim to become a company that values the employees most and strive to achieve genuineness that is comfortable.

    USE Inc.

    Akira Yamaguchi

  • While studying radiation physics at university, I encountered software and learned how interesting it is. I found a job at a semiconductor trading company, but I asked to be put in the software division, and have been devoting myself to embedded technology ever since, for more than 35 years.

    The first job I was given after placement was an analysis of a roughly 100-page list of assembler source code, for which I was tasked with finding bugs that had low reproducibility without any working prototypes. I could not understand the software at all by just reading it, so I placed it all in a flowchart, repeatedly read the micro-controller data sheet and the user manual, and wrote down how the RAM and registers changed after executing commands, taking about one month to resolve the issues. What I gained in that one month was not only the outcome of finding the errors, but also an understanding of the necessity of having analysis materials, the importance of reading the manuals, and the confidence that I was able to continue in the software business. The person who gave me that task was the current chairperson.

    The first time I was in charge of a job by myself was for the development of a portable radio. Because it was a hot-selling product for which we produced more than 100,000 units per month, I still clearly remember working under the pressure of absolutely not generating bugs rather than the happiness of seeing my product on store shelves.

    After that, I participated in various development projects such as video, audio, in-vehicle devices, mobile phones and business cameras. In that time, micro-controllers and the development environment have also progressed. However, even though more than 30 years has passed, the essence of what is necessary for a developer has not changed.
    We celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the founding of the company. We have a duty to hand down the concepts of Ideal, Creativity and Quality that were set forth by our chairperson, so that the next generation can continue to grow the company centered on embedded technology.

    USE Inc.

    Representative Director
    Masashi Ichikawa