Universal Software Engineering Inc.
Privacy policy

USE Inc. acquire personal information based on the following policies in answer to the social request about pike of personal information appropriately and use it and manage it and we prevent data leak and try for protection of personal information.
About the personal information of the press purpose to become outside Personal Information Protection Law application object, we take handling that is the cause fitness of a voluntary action policy

  1. The personal information clarifies the use purpose and acquires it by an appropriate method as far as it is necessary
  2. The personal information holds the correct and latest contents within the use purpose and uses it
  3. The personal information must not provide personal data to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person
  4. The personal information builds the perfect protection system with an established person in charge and manages it safely.
  5. The personal information exhibits the preservation period that we set in the shortest and removes it with the end surely during a safekeeping period.
  6. We perform appropriate supervision of the employee, trust to deal with personal information and the necessary training, enlightenment.
  7. We determine the procedure about a request or the complaint from the information main constituent of the personal information and cope faithfully.
  8. We take appropriate measures on the occasion of a leak, loss, damage of the personal information immediately


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