Universal Software Engineering Inc.
Corporate Principle
Emphasis on the Customer

We continuously put ourselves in the customers shoes ,striving to think and act accordingly to be a partner in the creation of better products.

Improved Management Quality

Aim for management based on strong ideals and a strict respect of the law and social morals.

Emphasis on Quality

Efforts will be concentrated on quality management (education and quality assurance systems) in order to assist safe product manufacture.

From"How to Do" to "What do DO"

At present,what should be done ?
What should be sought after ?

Realization of High Returns

Recognition from society is only gained by efforts to answer expectations through quality management and the realization that we play an important role in the electoronics indusry.Existence as a high return
business is made possible as a result.

Realization of Self Design

Realization of free systems and thinking that are interm free of stereotypes.

Fostering Eentrepreneur spirit

Understand that work=business, being management and cost aware.

Realization of Employee Satisfaction

Create worthwhile work together and aim for a company that can do a "good job"

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