Universal Software Engineering Inc.
President Greetings

Since foundation, our company has used ample experience and top-class personnel mainly in the development of single chip microcomputers to meet specialized built-in system requirements.

With the IT world intervening in all aspects of everyday life, we are presently faced by a period of rapid change with the onset of the ubiquitous company. Even if one looks back on the history of electronics with a clear view to the future, it would be difficult to talk about high-technology without mentioning microcomputers as they have played an indispensable role. We also aim to take the '"next step and beyond" in accordance with a variety of market needs by disregarding stereotypes in order to maintain a level of quality that is both trustworthy and reliable, helping to create "truly satisfying'' products based around the consumer goods field.

In the future, we will concentrate our efforts on fostering human resources, the "driving force behind creation" whilst striving to innovate software and hardware as a specialist group by strengthening specialist areas, reengineering existent software and developing a diverse range of software ranging from OS to applications.

Representative Director

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