Universal Software Engineering Inc.

Quality ImageNecessary information sharing and common project understanding during early stage of development
Inspection of validity of project plan
Objective inspection by superiors if there is any problem in system design
Inspection for sufficiency of unit/integration tests
Inspection for validity of quality evaluation before soft release to customer
Inspection for validity of final release in according to internal standard
By analyzing project data, reflect in next development projects
We have set up “Process Event” for each development process, internal inspection is necessary for proceeding to next step. We inspect software quality objectively, and assure software quality from corporate point of view.

Endeavour to accomplish CMMI/Automotive SPICE

We have been approached to software development process improvement and performed development inspection and process management since 2006.
We achieved CMMI level2 in 2010 and CMMI level3 in 2012, and perform process improvement consistently.
We achieved Automotive SPICE level 3 which is an in-vehicle equipment software development standard while we are engaging in-vehicle equipment software development and verification in 2014. With our proven software development capability, upgrading in-vehicle software development technology, we could assure high quality software which meet customer`s expectation. What is more, with established in-vehicle standard process, our capability will get enhanced by extending software development from consumer field to application field.

CMMI Certification Acquisition

  Level 3
Acquisition date
Apdated date
  NCOS Mr. Komiyama
CMMI Level3   CMMI Level3

A-SPICE Certification Acquisition

  USE incorporation
Objective Project
 Automobile equipment software development and verification
Level obtained
  Level 3
Acquisition date
  NEC Mr. Komiyama
A-SPICE Certification Acquisition

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