Universal Software Engineering Inc.
System Development

We have been engaged in embedded software development for consumer product since establishment.
Especially, we have been engaged in Tuner, DAB, CD/MD, DVD/BD and so on digital audio equipment/AV
equipment/Mechanic control equipment software development. Regarding to-vehicle/automobile-related
field, we are not only participating in audio related development, but also in drive recorder, electric brake
system, speedometer, accelerometers development. Recently we have acquired Developer License of MFi(Made for iPod), and
develop docking products, accessories, applications by using such as USB, Bluetooth, NFC,
Wi-Fi, Audio DSP and so on advanced technology.
We are engaging system development from customer request analysis, system plan/proposal, hardware
selection, necessary software development to software verification. We are challenging new business models
which have been changing rapidly. We propose solutions related to Audio DSP, Car Play, Wi-Fi
based on a technique of the entrusted development and experiences. Moreover, we cooperate with overseas
factories for ODM development by providing technical support for product fabrication.

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